Social relations

– So what is the best about Lebanon? I asked the girl who sat next to me at the bus from Tripoli to Beirut. – The social relations, she answered. – I’ve just been to Australia for some months of vacation and it surprised me that people in Australia didn’t have that much relationship to each other – even not to their relatives! Well, I am a Lebanese, but Lebanon is special. We don’t sit alone in our houses.
Even though she was a Lebanese, talking about her own country, she gave a very good answer. I have never been to a place in the world where people share so much time together as here in Lebanon. People are open, maybe not open minded, but they are willing to share their lives with others. They share their time with each other – eating, drinking, smoking, dancing and laughing. So, why is the history full off these national problems? I’ve been eating and sharing time together with Christians, Sunnis, Shias, Druze and Palestinians, and one thing is for sure: I’ve been enjoying all these meetings. They do all have in common that social relations are important for life!


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