Waiting for the mercy of Allah

The street is dirty, filled with garbage and some brownish water. People are walking back and forth in different directions. Some are on their way to the marked to by some fresh fish, fruits or vegetables. Others are working in constructions and are carrying heavy materials on their back. Their clothes are dirty and they look tired. It’s early in the morning, but it seems like people has been awake for many hours. I wonder if they have been up for the Morning Prayer. Every morning, our neighbor wakes us up with a beautiful voice. It’s almost like a song, filled with beautiful tones and lyrics: Alloho Akbar – Allah is great. He reminds us that Allah is great and his mercy endures forever.

It seems like that the faith is important for the Palestinian people living in Lebanon. – What we can do, one man asked me while he was telling about his family’s situation in Lebanon. His family doesn’t have any identity papers. They are in some way in lack of an identity. Well, their origin is Palestinian, but they belong to nowhere. Nobody wants them, so he keeps his trust in Allah. – I pray to Allah every day. All I can do is waiting for the mercy of Allah.


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